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Instruments > Piano > Popular Piano with Hugh Sung

Popular Piano
with Hugh Sung

Hugh Sung has taken his years of experience and loaded them into these online piano lessons. Students in the popular piano course have unlimited access to the video lessons including lessons covering contemporary piano pieces and sheet music.

 In-depth breakdown of pop songs

 Sheet music for each piece

What You'll Learn

What makes these pop piano lessons truly unique is that this is the only place online preserving the teaching feedback of Hugh Sung through the library of videos submitted by students using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning® platform. Hugh reviewed each submission and recorded a video response, offering specific guidance to the student to take their piano playing to the next level. All students can access the Video Exchange library of over 4,600 Video Exchanges and watch these interactions with Hugh. This library is comprehensive and may contain the key to unlock your playing.

About Hugh Sung

Pianist Hugh Sung has been an active soloist and chamber musician ever since his debut with The Philadelphia Orchestra at the age of 11. He has performed at Carnegie Hall, Weill Hall, Wigmore Hall, and many others. He served as Director of Student Recitals and Instrumental Accompaniment at The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia for 19 years before focusing on teaching online. He is known for combining technology with standard piano instruments. Hugh’s enthusiasm for piano is contagious and his lessons emphasize learning to play popular songs using a step by step method that any level of player can follow. He has been teaching online with ArtistWorks since 2014.

Piano Lessons

Level 1

Introduction - Site Overview
Introduction - Curriculum Requirements
Placement Video Submissions
Fundamentals - How to Learn a Song
Fundamentals - How to Practice
Fundamentals - Posture
Fundamentals - 15 Things to Know to Read Music
Fundamentals - Sight Reading Pointers
Greensleeves - A Section
Greensleeves - B Section
Greensleeves - Performance
Memory - A Section
Memory - B Section
Memory - Performance
Spring Dance - A Section
Spring Dance - B Section
Spring Dance - C Section
Spring Dance - D Section
Spring Dance - E-G Section
Spring Dance - Performance
Popular Abridgment: Ode to Joy
Popular Abridgment: Scarborough Fair
Other Student Submitted Tunes

Level 2

Somewhere Out There - A Section
Somewhere Out There - B Section
Popular Abridgment: Silent Night
Somewhere Out There - Performance
The Rose - A Section
The Rose - B Section
The Rose - Performance
Nadia's Theme - A Section
Nadia's Theme - B Section
Nadia's Theme - Performance
My Favorite Things - A Section
My Favorite Things - A2 Section
My Favorite Things - B Section
My Favorite Things - Performance
Edelweiss - A Section
Edelweiss - A2 Section
Edelweiss - B Section
Edelweiss - A3 Section
Edelweiss - Performance

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge - 2017 (Archive)
30 Day Challenge - 2018

Level 3

Sight Reading Exercise: Bach - Minuet in G Major
Sight Reading Exercise: Schumann - A Little Piece
Sight Reading Exercise: Schumann - A Little Study
JS Bach - Prelude in C Major
Popular Abridgment: Misty
Popular Abridgment: Carol of the Bells
Chopin - Prelude in E minor
Gymnopedie No.1
Blue Danube Waltz - A Section
Blue Danube Waltz - B Section
Blue Danube Waltz - C Section
Blue Danube Waltz - Performance
Moonlight Sonata - A Section
Moonlight Sonata - B & C Section
Moonlight Sonata - D Section
Moonlight Sonata - E & F Section
Moonlight Sonata - Performance

Level 4

Save the Best for Last - A Section
Save the Best for Last - B & A2 Section
Save the Best for Last - Performance
The Entertainer
River Flows In You - A & B Section
River Flows In You - C & D Section
River Flows In You - E & F Section
River Flows In You - Performance
Clocks - A & B Section
Clocks - C Section
Clocks - D-G Section
Clocks - A3-A7 Section
Clocks - Performance
Chopin - Minute Waltz
Improvisation Exercise: Amazing Grace - Part 1-5
Improvisation Exercise: Amazing Grace - Part 6-10
Improvisation Exercise: Amazing Grace - Part 11-15
Improvisation Exercise: Amazing Grace - Part 16-19
Improvisation Exercise: 10,000 Reasons

Level 5

Popular Abridgment: Autumn Leaves
Fur Elise - A-C Section
Fur Elise - D-E Section
Fur Elise - F Section-End
Fur Elise - Performance
Linus and Lucy - A & B Section
Linus and Lucy - C Section-End
Linus and Lucy - Performance
Clair de Lune - A & B Section
Clair de Lune - C & D Section
Clair de Lune - E & F Section
Clair de Lune - G & H Section
Clair de Lune - I & J Section
Clair de Lune - K & L Section
Clair de Lune - Performance
CPE Bach - Solfeggietto


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