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Instruments > Guitar > Blues Rock Guitar with Jared James Nichols

Blues and Hard Rock Guitar
with Jared James Nichols

Join the “Blues Power” titan as he rolls up his sleeves and breaks down every tool needed to master the electric guitar. Jared’s guided path of lessons includes custom riffs and exercises paired with downloadable play-along tracks recorded exclusively for this course. From string basics and guitar tuning, to slides, bends, and speed & accuracy exercises, these guitar lessons give everything needed to solo, improvise, and jam with serious Blues Power.

Fundamental guitar chords/scalesGuitar Tabs + Tracks

In-depth tone breakdownsBeg - Adv. Soloing Techniques

About Blues & Hard Rock Guitar Lessons with Jared James Nichols

Step into the vibrant world of blues and hard rock guitar with this specially curated online course by ArtistWorks. Guided by the renowned guitarist Jared James Nichols, this program promises an intensive, immersive, and exhilarating journey into the realms of blues and hard rock guitar playing.

Renowned for his explosive style and deep understanding of these genres, Jared imparts essential techniques and insights, from foundational chord progressions to the expressive nuances that give blues and hard rock their unique energy.

Course highlights include:

  • In-depth Lessons: Jared takes you through every facet of blues and hard rock guitar, from basic chord structures to advanced soloing techniques, all explained and demonstrated with clarity and passion.
  • HD Video Tutorials: Benefit from a vast library of high-definition video lessons that can be viewed, paused, and revisited at your convenience, ensuring you fully grasp each concept.
  • Personalized Feedback: Submit videos of your performances directly to Jared for personalized, constructive feedback that will help refine your technique and interpretation.
  • Comprehensive Song Library: Learn and play a wide variety of blues and hard rock songs. Whether you love the classics or want to delve into contemporary tracks, this course has you covered.
  • Exclusive Learning Materials: Access an array of downloadable resources, including music sheets, tablature, and practice tracks, to support and enhance your learning journey.
  • Vibrant Online Community: Join a dedicated community of learners where you can share experiences, exchange tips, and draw inspiration from your peers worldwide.

Whether you're a novice guitarist with a love for the blues or an intermediate player wanting to delve deeper into the gritty world of hard rock, the Blues & Hard Rock Guitar Lessons with Jared James Nichols offers a robust, comprehensive, and deeply enjoyable learning experience. Register today with ArtistWorks and step onto the stage of your blues and hard rock journey.

About Video Exchange® Learning

What ultimately sets these rock guitar lessons apart from other offerings is the ability to submit a video for review using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning® platform. Jared reviews each submission and records a video response, offering specific guidance to take your playing to the next level. All students can access the Video Exchange library and watch each other’s interactions with Jared. This library is constantly expanding and may contain the key to unlock your guitar playing skills.

About Jared James Nichols

Jared James Nichols has traveled the world, spreading his unique flavor of vintage-inspired modern Blues Rock. As the frontman of his namesake power trio, Jared is always sure to bring the "Blues Power," and, as you watch him perform, his captivating presence, energy, and inarguable musical mastery quickly become infectious. Throughout his career, Jared has toured across the US and Europe with acts like Living Colour, Blue Öyster Cult, Zakk Wylde, Glenn Hughes, Walter Trout, Fozzy, and John 5, and has shared the stage with rock and blues guitar legends like Slash, Billy Gibbons, Peter Frampton, Joe Bonamassa, Steve Vai, Leslie West, and more. Jared has released two albums under his name and is preparing to release his third on Black Hill Records. Recently, he was also named one of Gibson’s official Guitar Brand Ambassadors alongside the likes of Slash, Jerry Cantrell, Dave Mustaine, and Lzzy Hale. Like many world-class guitar players, Jared calls Nashville, TN his home and has been teaching at ArtistWorks since September 2021. For more information on Jared's upcoming releases, tour announcements, news updates, and more, click here.

Blues Rock Guitar Lessons


Introduction to Basic
Getting to Know Your Guitar - Basic Terminology
Basic Posture - How to Hold the Guitar
String Basics - Open Strings
What You Need to Know About Strings
How to Tune Your Guitar
How to Approach Practice
General Warm-Ups
Introduction to the Neck
Pick Basics
How to Pick a Note
Picking Exercises - Downstrokes
Picking Exercises - Upstrokes
Picking Exercises - Alternate Picking
Single Note Exercise
Building Calluses
Finger Exercise - Building Left & Right Hand Dexterity
Basic Open Chords
Power Chords
Palm Muting
Open Blues Shuffle
Moveable Power Chords
What is Tone?
Clean Tone
Dirty Tone
Introduction to Dynamics
Basic Bluespower Techniques - Introduction
Basic Bluespower Techniques - Slides
Miscellaneous Topics
Basic Bluespower Techniques - Vibrato
Basic Bluespower Techniques - Bending
Basic Bluespower Techniques - Hammer-Ons
Basic Bluespower Techniques - Pull-Offs
Introduction to Scales: The A Minor Pentatonic Scale
Pentatonic Riff - Jam Track Play Along
5 Basic Blues Licks
Call & Response Exercise - Using 5 Basic Blues Licks
Getting to Know Your Knobs - Basic
Introduction to Soloing
How to Change a String


Introduction to Intermediate
Chord Exploration - Major Scale Construction
Chord Exploration - Major vs. Minor
Chord Exploration - Seventh Chords
Chord Exploration - Chords I Love
Chord Exploration - Power Chord Extensions
Chord Exploration - Barre Chords
Chord Exploration - How to Make Chords Sound Better
Developing Your Style
Getting to Know Your Knobs - Working with Volume
Getting to Know Your Knobs - Working with Tone
Fretboard Roadmap
The A Major Pentatonic Scale
5 Licks Using the A Major Pentatonic Scale
Playing with Attitude
Feel & Soul
The A Minor Pentatonic Stepladder
5 Licks Using the A Minor Pentatonic Stepladder
How to Approach Dynamics
The Blues Scale
5 Licks Using the Blues Scale
Intermediate Bluespower Techniques - Slides
Intermediate Bluespower Techniques - Vibrato
Intermediate Bluespower Techniques - Bending
Intermediate Bluespower Techniques - Unison Bends
Intermediate Bluespower Techniques - Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs
Miscellaneous Topics
Intermediate Bluespower Techniques - Putting it all Together
Introduction to the CAGED System
Double Stops
Intermediate Soloing
Getting a Clean Sound with Muting
Using Effects Pedals - JJN Rig Rundown


Introduction to Advanced
What Makes an Advanced Player
Getting to Know Your Knobs - Advanced Techniques
How to Write and Nail a Riff
Mixing a Riff with a Lead Line
Advanced Right Hand Techniques
Unlocking the Minor Pentatonic Scale Using the CAGED System
Unlocking the Major Scale Using the CAGED System
Unlocking the Minor Scale Using the CAGED System
Advanced Bluespower Techniques - Double Stops
Advanced Bluespower Techniques - Pedal Steel Bluesy Licks
Advanced Bluespower Techniques - Incorporating Open Strings
Advanced Bluespower Techniques - Harmonics
Advanced Bluespower Techniques - Behind the Nut Bends
Advanced Bluespower Techniques - Bending the Neck
Advanced Bluespower Techniques - Microtonal Bending
Advanced Bluespower Techniques - Extreme Bending
Advanced Bluespower Techniques - Slide Bends
Advanced Bluespower Techniques - Legato
Advanced Bluespower Techniques - Playing Outside the Scale
Advanced Bluespower Techniques - Repetitive Licks for Speed
5 Licks Using Double Stops
5 Licks Using Pedal Steel Bluesy Tones
5 Licks Using Advanced Bending
Building Speed & Rhythm
How to Develop a Solo
Fretting with the Thumb
Miscellaneous Topics


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