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Instruments > Guitar > Blues Guitar with Keith Wyatt

Online Blues Guitar Lessons
with Keith Wyatt

Keith Wyatt has developed a rich library with hundreds of online blues guitar lessons. Students have unlimited access to the interactive blues course, which also includes backing tracks, tabs, and study materials. Learn the blues from a master of the genre.

 Classic blues to rockabilly  Boogie & shuffle exercises

 Learn to play with feeling  Walking bass & horn riffs

About Online Blues Guitar Course with Keith Wyatt

Discover the soulful sounds of blues guitar and unlock your true potential with the renowned musician and master instructor, Keith Wyatt. Welcome to ArtistWorks, where you can now embark on an extraordinary musical journey from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're a beginner seeking to learn the blues from scratch or an intermediate player looking to refine your skills, this comprehensive online course is designed to take your guitar playing to new heights.

With over 50 years of experience as a professional blues guitarist and educator, Keith Wyatt is an iconic figure in the world of blues music. Known for his incredible technique, deep understanding of the genre, and exceptional teaching abilities, Keith has mentored countless aspiring guitarists and inspired a generation of musicians. Now, you have the exclusive opportunity to learn directly from him, no matter where you are in the world.

This online blues guitar course provides you with unlimited access to a vast library of high-quality video lessons, meticulously crafted by Keith Wyatt himself. Step-by-step, Keith will guide you through the essential techniques, concepts, and theory behind playing blues guitar. From mastering the basic chords and scales to incorporating blues licks, improvisation, and advanced soloing techniques, you'll develop a solid foundation and gain the tools necessary to express yourself authentically through the blues.

What sets this course apart is the interactive nature of the ArtistWorks platform. As a student, you'll have the unique opportunity to submit practice videos to Keith Wyatt, and he will personally respond with personalized video feedback and guidance. This personalized instruction ensures that you receive individual attention and tailored advice, just like having a private lesson with Keith himself. This personalized feedback is invaluable and will propel your progress exponentially.

In addition to the video lessons and personalized feedback, you'll also gain access to a vibrant online community of fellow blues enthusiasts. Connect, interact, and collaborate with like-minded guitarists from all around the world. Share your progress, ask questions, and receive support from both your peers and Keith Wyatt himself. This collaborative environment creates a dynamic and engaging learning experience that fosters growth and inspiration.

With the convenience of learning at your own pace and the flexibility to access the course materials anytime, anywhere, this online blues guitar course is suitable for all levels of players. Whether you're a dedicated blues aficionado or simply looking to expand your musical repertoire, Keith Wyatt's expertise and guidance will elevate your playing and ignite your passion for the blues.

So, don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the true legends of blues guitar. Enroll in the online blues guitar course with Keith Wyatt today, and embark on a transformative musical journey that will stay with you for a lifetime. Get ready to unleash the blues within you and become the guitarist you've always dreamed of being!

About Video Exchange® Learning

What ultimately sets these blues guitar lessons apart from other offerings is the ability to submit a video for review using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning® platform. Keith reviews each submission and records a video response, offering specific guidance to take your guitar playing to the next level. All students can access the Video Exchange library and watch each other’s interactions with Keith. This library is constantly expanding and may contain the key to unlock your playing.

About Keith Wyatt

Keith Wyatt fell in love with the blues as a teenager hearing Albert King's "The Sky Is Crying" for the first time. He has been deeply passionate about the genre ever since. Keith was on faculty at the Guitar Institute of Technology as Director of the Guitar program for 30 years. Since 1988, Keith has produced more than 20 instructional video courses with Hal Leonard, spanning beginner blues guitar lessons, roots guitar styles, and many other guitar methods. He has played guitar in LA roots rock group The Blasters since 1996, and collaborated with other iconic players like Albert Collins, Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker. Keith has taught blues guitar lessons online at ArtistWorks since 2015.

Blues Guitar Lessons


Intro To Fundamental
Essential Chords
Notes On The Neck
Principles of Practice
Blues Changes
12 Bar Blues Progression
The Shuffle
Electric Blues Rhythm
Boogie Shuffle
Turnaround and Ending
Boogie Shuffle in Open Position
Miscellaneous Topics
Horn Riffs
12 Bar Variations
The Minor Pentatonic Scale
Essentials of Touch
Blue Notes
String Bending
12 Bar Key Center Soloing


Intro To Intermediate
Walking Bass
Expanding The Boogie
Bass Riffs
Riff Chords
Horn Riff Variations
Blues Arrangements: Intros and Endings
8 Bar Blues
16 Bar Blues
Blues Rhythm
Hybrid Picking
Miscellaneous Topics
Snap, Slap and Rake
Big Bends
Chord Tones
12 Bar Chord Tones
Pickup Phrases
Blues Melody
Phrasing With The 6th
Phrasing With The 9th
Blues Tonality
Exploring the Neck: The CAGED System
Pattern #4
Pattern #5
Pattern #1
Pattern #2
Pattern #3
Outside The Box


Introduction To Advanced
Slow Blues
Super Shuffle
Super Shuffle 2
Super Shuffle 3
Chicago Style: Melodic Rhythm
Double Stops 1
Double Stops 2
Soloing With Chords
Call and Response with Chord and Melody
Soloing On the Low Strings
Open Position Soloing
Using the Entire Neck
Miscellaneous Topics
Stretching Out
Tremolo Picking
Alternate Picking
Pedal Points
Chicken Pickin'
One Chord Solos
Minor Blues
Jump Blues
Boogie Chillen
Two Beat Blues
Self Accompaniment: Dead Thumb
Self Accompaniment: Alternating Bass
Other Inspirations
Uptown Blues 1
Uptown Blues 2
Uptown Blues 3

Beyond Classic Blues

Introduction To Beyond Classic Blues
Rock and Roll
New Orleans Rock and Roll
New Orleans Two Beat
Swamp Blues
Bo Diddley
Latin Blues
Soul/Funk Blues
Smooth Blues
Rhythm and Blues Ballads
Blues Rock - The Blasters "Dark Night"
Miscellaneous Topics

Introduction to Electric Slide

Introduction to Slide Guitar
The History of Slide Guitar
Choosing a Slide
Intonation & Vibrato
Picking Technique
Standard Tuning - Building Vocabulary
Standard Tuning - Call & Response: Shuffle in E
Standard Tuning - 12 Bar Soloing
Open D Tuning - Introduction
Open D Tuning - Phrasing
Open D Tuning - Soloing
Open G Tuning - Introduction
Open G Tuning - "Deadthumb" Rhythm
Open G Tuning - Slow Blues Soloing
Open G Tuning - Blues Rock Soloing

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge - 2017 (Archive)
30 Day Challenge - 2018


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