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Instruments > Fiddle > Fiddle with Alex Hargreaves

Fiddle Lessons
with Alex Hargreaves

Join fiddle virtuoso Alex Hargreaves as he teaches his Grammy Award-winning sound through hundreds of online fiddle lessons designed for players of all levels. In this comprehensive course, Alex breaks down his improvisational techniques and outlines their practical applications to craft solos in any genre. Through technical training exercises, tune lessons in a variety of genres, and the option to swap videos with Alex, students will elevate their skills to become well-rounded fiddle players and musicians.

Bluegrass, Jazz, & MoreFiddle Notation + Tunes

Music Theory + ImprovDozens of Play-Along Tracks

About Fiddle with Alex Hargreaves

Unleash your inner fiddle virtuoso and embark on a transformative musical journey with acclaimed fiddle player Alex Hargreaves. Welcome to the world of “Fiddle with Alex Hargreaves” at ArtistWorks, where aspiring fiddle players of all levels can master the instrument and reach new heights of musical prowess.

Alex Hargreaves, known for his extraordinary technical abilities and innovative improvisational style, is here to guide you through every step of your fiddle-playing adventure. Despite his young age, Alex has decades of experience as a professional musician and revered fiddle instructor and is the ideal mentor to help you refine your skills and unlock your full potential.

This online fiddle course is designed to cater to all skill levels, from beginners looking to grasp the fundamentals to intermediate and advanced players seeking to expand their repertoire and push the boundaries of their abilities. Whether you aspire to play bluegrass, jazz, swing, Texas fiddle, or any other genre, Alex Hargreaves' versatile teaching approach will equip you with the tools, techniques, and knowledge you need to excel.

One of the standout features of “Fiddle with Alex Hargreaves” is the interactive video exchange platform. This unique system allows you to submit videos of your playing directly to Alex himself, who will provide personalized feedback, guidance, and encouragement. This invaluable one-on-one interaction ensures that you receive tailored instruction that caters to your specific needs, enabling you to progress rapidly and overcome any challenges you may encounter along the way.

Inside the course, you'll find an extensive library of high-definition video lessons covering a wide range of topics, including fiddle basics, scales and modes, improvisation, bowing techniques, rhythmic awareness, melodic ornamentation, music theory, and much more. Each lesson is meticulously crafted, breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible segments, so you can learn at your own pace and build a solid foundation of skills.

In addition to the comprehensive video lessons, you'll gain access to a wealth of supplementary learning materials. These include downloadable play-along backing tracks and sheet music, allowing you to practice the techniques taught by Alex Hargreaves in a variety of musical contexts.

Join a vibrant community of fiddle enthusiasts from around the world through the course's active forum. Engage in discussions, seek advice, and connect with fellow learners who share your passion for fiddle, bluegrass, and more. The supportive environment fosters a sense of camaraderie and provides an additional avenue for learning and growth.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the world's greatest fiddle players. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, the “Fiddle with Alex Hargreaves” course at ArtistWorks will unlock your true potential and revolutionize the way you approach the fiddle. So, grab your fiddle, pick up your bow, and start your musical journey today!

About Video Exchange® Learning

What ultimately sets these fiddle lessons apart from other offerings is the ability to submit a video for review using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning® platform. Alex reviews each submission and records a video response, offering specific guidance to take your fiddle playing to the next level. All students can access the Video Exchange library and watch each other’s interactions with Alex. This library is constantly expanding and may contain the key to unlock your playing.

About Alex Hargreaves

Described as “one of the greatest improvising violinists in America today” by virtuoso mandolinist and fellow ArtistWorks instructor Mike Marshall, Alex Hargreaves is a fiddler who draws inspiration from a wide variety of genres and traditions. He is currently touring full-time with Grammy award-winning guitarist and singer Billy Strings, and has also toured and performed with other critically acclaimed artists like Jerry Douglas, David Grisman, Béla Fleck, Danilo Perez, and Sarah Jarosz, to name a few. He was a member of the Grammy award-winning Turtle Island Quartet from 2016–2019, appearing on their 2018 release, Bird’s Eye View, and can often be heard playing in the house band on the public radio variety show, Live From Here with Chris Thile. At age 17, Alex, along with bassist Paul Kowert (Punch Brothers), teamed with Mike Marshall to form The Big Trio, performing together extensively following the release of their self-titled album in 2009. Alex released his debut album Prelude in 2010, featuring Mike Marshall, Grant Gordy, and Paul Kowert, along with special guests Béla Fleck and Noam Pikelny. Currently on faculty at The New School, Alex is an experienced music educator, having taught at a variety of music camps and workshops including the Mark O’Connor Fiddle Camp, Swannanoa Gathering, Augusta Heritage, Christian Howes’ Creative Strings Workshop, and the Mike Block String Camp. When he’s not on the road performing, Alex calls Brooklyn, NY his home and has been teaching at ArtistWorks since March 2024.

Fiddle Lessons


Getting Started - Submit a Video and Introduce Yourself
Basic Terminology - Nuts & Bolts of the Fiddle and Bow
The Bow Hold
Holding the Fiddle
Basic Posture
Getting Ready to Play - Warm Up Exercises
Miscellaneous Topics - Video Exchange Category

Section 1

Long Bows
Basic Subdivisions - Introduction
Basic Subdivisions - String Crossings
Basic Subdivisions - Basic Shuffle
The Major Scale - Key of G
The G Major Scale - Practice Exercises
"Redwing" - Key of G Major
"Pear Tree" - Key of G Major
Miscellaneous Topics - Video Exchange Category
The Major Pentatonic Scale - Key of G
"Handsome Molly" - Using the Major Pentatonic Scale - Key of G

Section 2

The D Major Pentatonic Scale
"Angeline the Baker" - Using the Major Pentatonic Scale - Key of D
Subdividing Melodies into 8th Notes
The D Major Scale
"Forked Deer" - Key of D Major
Major vs. Minor
The A Natural Minor Scale
The A Minor Pentatonic Scale
"Cluck Old Hen" - Key of Am
Miscellaneous Topics - Video Exchange Category
Introduction to Arpeggios

Section 3

Basic String Crossing Exercises
"Liverpool Hornpipe" - Key of D Major
The A Mixolydian Scale
"Squirrel Hunters" - Using the A Mixolydian Scale
"Red Haired Boy" - Key of A
The A Major Scale in 2 Octaves
"Bill Cheatham" - Key of A Major
Open Double Stops - Introduction
Open Double Stops - Exercises
Miscellaneous Topics - Video Exchange Category
"Redwing" - Using Double Stops - Key of G

Section 4

Introduction to Relative Minor
"Shady Grove" - Key of D Minor
"Temperance Reel" - Key of G
Using the Pinky (4th Finger)
Introduction to Ornamentation - Grace (Ghost) Notes
Introduction to Ornamentation - Turns
Introduction to Ornamentation - Rolls
"Redwing" - Adding Ornaments - Key of G
"Old Fashioned Love" - Basic Melody - Key of D
Miscellaneous Topics - Video Exchange Category
"Old Fashioned Love" - Adding Ornaments - Key of D

Section 5

The C Major Scale
The IV-V-I Progression - Introduction
The IV-V-I Progression - 1st & 2nd Inversion Arpeggios - Key of C
The IV-V-I Progression - Melodic Voice Leading
Bluegrass Vocabulary - Shapes
Bluegrass Vocabulary - Slides
Call & Response Exercise 1 - Using Shapes & Slides - Key of A
Call & Response Exercise 2 - Using Shapes & Slides - Key of A
Call & Response Exercise 3 - Using Shapes & Slides - Key of A
Miscellaneous Topics - Video Exchange Category

Section 6

"Sittin' Ontop of the World" - Key of A
"Sittin' Ontop of the World" - Key of E
"Old Man at the Mill" - Key of G
The 12 Bar Blues Form - Introduction
The 12 Bar Blues Form - "Milk Cow Blues" - Key of A
The 12 Bar Blues Form - Call & Response Jam
Applied Shuffle Bows
"Blackberry Blossom" - Key of G
Miscellaneous Topics - Video Exchange Category
Finding Balance

Section 7

Syncopated Subdivisions - The Mother Rhythm
Syncopated Subdivisions - Ghost Bowing
Syncopated Subdivisions - Practice Exercises
Intermediate Double Stops - 3rds
Intermediate Double Stops - 4ths
Intermediate Double Stops - 5ths
Intermediate Double Stops - 6ths
"Back Up and Push" - First 2 Parts - Key of C
The Georgia Shuffle
"Blackberry Blossom" - Using the Georgia Shuffle - Key of G
Miscellaneous Topics - Video Exchange Category
"Black & White Rag" - Key of G

Section 8

Fiddle Kickoff in the Style of Red Taylor
Bow Technique - Long Bow Warm Up Exercises
Bow Technique - Frog Control Warm Up Exercises
Introduction to Vibrato
Vibrato - Practice Exercises
Introduction to Waltzes
"Kentucky Waltz" - Key of D
"Goodnight Waltz" - Key of F
"Wayfaring Stranger" - Key of G Minor
Miscellaneous Topics - Video Exchange Category
Seventh Chord Arpeggios

Section 9

"Daley's Reel" - Key of Bb
"Done Gone"- Key of Bb
The Chromatic Scale
Introduction to Texas Fiddle
"Sunnyside" - Key of F
"Bury Me Beneath the Willow" - Key of E
"Blue Eagle" - Key of D - Using the Upbow Scoop
"Bittercreek" - Key of G
"Garfield's Blackberry Blossom" - Key of G
Miscellaneous Topics - Video Exchange Category
"Ducks on the Millpond" - Key of A

Section 10

Melody-based Variation and Improv - "Angeline the Baker" - Key of D
Playing Backup - Chopping
Playing Backup - Rhythmic Backup
Playing Backup - Strumming
Playing in 2nd position
Playing in 3rd position
Scale Position Exercises
"Back Up and Push" - Third Part - Key of C
Shifting - Single Note Shifts
Shifting - Double Stop Shifts
Miscellaneous Topics - Video Exchange Category

Section 11

"Estrellita" - Using Shifting & Double Stops - Key of G
"Grey Eagle" - Key of A
Diatonic Chords - Triads
Diatonic Chords - Seventh Chords
The II-V-I Progression - Introduction
The II-V-I Progression - Voice Leading with 3rds & 7ths
"Honeysuckle Rose" - II-V-I in the Key of F
"Black & White Rag" - Improvised Solo in the style of Johnny Gimble - Key of G
"Ragtime Annie" - Improvised Solo in the style of Johnny Gimble - Key of D
Miscellaneous Topics - Video Exchange Category

Section 12

Dominant Chords - Voice Leading
"Sweet Georgia Brown" - Using Dominant Chords - Key of F
"Sweet Georgia Brown" - Voice Leading - Key of F
Modes - How Modal Scales Are Derived
Modes - Hearing Modal Color Shades
Building a Long Solo - Thematic Improv Development
The B Major Scale
Miscellaneous Topics - Video Exchange Category
Kickoff in the Style of Vassar Clements - Key of B Major
Solo in the Style of Bobby Hicks - Key of B Major

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