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Instruments > Guitar > Bluegrass Guitar with Chris Eldridge

Bluegrass Guitar
with Chris Eldridge

Join the guitarist and founding member of Punch Brothers as he explores the building blocks of how music works. This guided path of bluegrass guitar lessons was hand-crafted by Chris himself and designed to take any level of player on a journey toward mastering guitar and acoustic music. Learn classic Bluegrass standards and some of Chris’ original music, plus exercises, technique builders and a mindfullness for developing productive playing habits.

Fundamental guitar chords/scalesGuitar Tabs + Tracks

Phrasing Tools and ExercisesSoloing Techniques

About Online Bluegrass Guitar Course with Chris Eldridge

Are you ready to dive into the captivating world of bluegrass guitar? Look no further! ArtistWorks proudly presents an extraordinary opportunity to learn from one of the finest bluegrass guitarists of our time – Chris Eldridge. With his virtuosic playing, deep understanding of the genre, and exceptional teaching abilities, Chris Eldridge is here to guide you on an incredible musical journey.

Welcome to the immersive online platform where you can learn at your own pace and elevate your bluegrass guitar skills from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're a beginner looking to develop a solid foundation or an intermediate player aiming to refine your technique, this comprehensive online course is designed to take your playing to new heights.

With over two decades of experience as a sought-after bluegrass guitarist and a member of the highly acclaimed Punch Brothers, Chris Eldridge brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Now, you have the exclusive opportunity to learn directly from him through a meticulously crafted curriculum of video lessons, tailor-made for aspiring bluegrass guitarists like you.

From mastering essential bluegrass techniques, such as flatpicking, crosspicking, and alternate picking, to exploring the nuances of rhythm, chord progressions, and soloing, Chris Eldridge will walk you through every step of the way. Through his comprehensive approach, you'll not only develop technical proficiency but also gain a deeper understanding of the genre, its history, and its distinctive musical elements.

One of the most remarkable features of this online bluegrass guitar course is the interactive learning experience provided by the ArtistWorks platform. As a student, you'll have the opportunity to submit practice videos to Chris Eldridge, who will personally respond with detailed video feedback and insightful guidance. This one-on-one instruction ensures that you receive individual attention and personalized advice, creating a truly transformative learning experience.

In addition to the personalized feedback, you'll become part of a thriving online community of fellow bluegrass enthusiasts. Interact, collaborate, and engage with like-minded guitarists from all over the globe. Share your progress, exchange ideas, and receive support from both your peers and Chris Eldridge himself. This vibrant community fosters a sense of camaraderie and provides an invaluable source of inspiration and encouragement throughout your musical journey.

With the flexibility to access the course materials anytime, anywhere, and the ability to learn at your own pace, this online bluegrass guitar course is suitable for all levels of players. Whether you're a dedicated bluegrass aficionado or an adventurous guitarist looking to explore a new genre, Chris Eldridge's expertise and guidance will unlock your true potential and allow you to express yourself authentically through bluegrass music.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the preeminent bluegrass guitarists of our time. Enroll in the online bluegrass guitar course with Chris Eldridge today, and embark on a transformative musical journey that will enhance your playing and ignite your passion for bluegrass. Get ready to pick your way through the rich tapestry of bluegrass music and become the guitarist you've always aspired to be!

About Video Exchange® Learning

What ultimately sets these bluegrass guitar lessons apart from other offerings is the ability to submit a video for review using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning® platform. Chris reviews each submission and records a video response, offering specific guidance to take your playing to the next level. All students can access the Video Exchange library and watch each other’s interactions with Chris. This library is constantly expanding and may contain the key to unlock your guitar playing skills.

About Chris Eldridge

Widely considered one of the premier acoustic guitarists of the modern era, Chris “Critter” Eldridge has cofounded and performed around the globe with some of the most prolific groups in the modern bluegrass scene. Most commonly known as the guitarist and co-founding member of the Grammy award-winning bluegrass outfit, Punch Brothers, Chris has brought his unique acoustic guitar stylings to a handful of bluegrass’ most successful and influential groups, including acclaimed jamgrass quintet, The Infamous Stringdusters, seminal bluegrass group, The Seldom Scene, and Chris Thile’s Live from Here radio show house band, to name a few. In addition to eight Grammy nominations to date and one Grammy win in 2018, Chris was named “Instrumentalist of the Year” by the Americana Music Association in 2019. Throughout his illustrious career, Chris has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in pop, bluegrass, rock, and jazz, including Paul Simon, Renée Fleming, John Paul Jones, Marcus Mumford, Justin Timberlake, T-Bone Burnett, Jon Brion, Fiona Apple, The War and Treaty, Jerry Douglas, I’m With Her, and Del McCoury. He also performs in an acoustic duo alongside jazz guitar virtuoso Julian Lage. Like many world-class guitar players, Chris calls Nashville, TN his home and has been teaching at ArtistWorks since October 2021.

Bluegrass Guitar Lessons

Level 1

Parts of the Guitar
Posture & Holding the Guitar
Tuning the Guitar
The Layout of Notes on the Guitar
Holding the Pick
General Left Hand Technique
Introduction to Chords
Right Hand - How to Strum
Changing Chords
The Boom-Chuck Rhythm Approach
"Will the Circle be Unbroken" - Key of G Major
"Will the Circle be Unbroken" - Key of C Major

Level 2

Single Note Downstrokes
Single Note Downstrokes - Exercise
The C Major Scale on One String
The C Major Scale in Open Position
Introduction to Key and Chord Construction
The Guitar is a Shape Based Instrument
Bass Runs - Key of C Major
"This Land is Your Land" - Chords
"This Land is Your Land" - Melody
"This Land is Your Land" Using Bass Runs - Play Along
Chromatic Bass Runs
3/4 Waltz Time
"The Storms Are on the Ocean" - Key of C Major
Simon Says - Rhythm Exercise
Noticing Tension
Bass Runs - Key of G Major
Physical Principles of Good Tone
The Pentatonic Scale
"Will the Circle Be Unbroken" - Melody - Key of C Major

Level 3

Single Note Downstrokes - Exercise 2
"When the Chariot Comes" - Key of C Major
Getting the Most Out of Exercises/Practice
"You Are My Sunshine" - Key of C Major - Combining Chords & Melody
"Wildwood Flower" - Key of C Major - Chords
"Wildwood Flower" - Key of C Major - Melody
Introduction to Double Stops
"Wildwood Flower" - Key of C Major - Using Double Stops
"Home Sweet Home" - Key of C Major
The G Major Scale
Introduction to Modes
Introducing Upstrokes
Alternate Picking Exercises
"Redwing" - Key of G Major - Using Alternate Picking
"Old Joe Clark" - Key of G Mixolydian
"Old Joe Clark" - Key of G Mixolydian - Higher Octave Using Double Stops
Why Minor Chords are Minor
"Shady Grove" - Key of D Dorian

Level 4

Rhythm Fills Between Phrases
Pick Stroke Theory
Using a Capo
"Soldiers Joy" - Key of D Major (Capo 2nd Fret)
"Arkansas Traveler" - Key of D Major (Capo 2nd Fret)
"Blackberry Blossom" - Key of G Major
"Red Haired Boy" - Key of A Mixolydian (Capo 2nd Fret) - Pick Stroke Theory
"Wabash Canonball" - Key of C Major - Using Hammer-Ons
"Soldiers Joy" - Key of D Major (Capo 2nd Fret) - Using Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs
"Wabash Canonball" - Key of C Major - Using Slides
"Liza Jane" - Key of A Major (Capo 2nd Fret)
Train Beat Rhythm Guitar
Open String to Pivot
A Minor Scale

Level 5

"Billy in the Lowground" - Key of C Major
"Liza Jane" - Key of A Major (Capo 2nd Fret)
"St. Annes Reel" - Key of D Major (Capo 2nd Fret)
"Whiskey Before Breakfast" - Key of D Major (Capo 2nd Fret)
Major and Minor Shortcut
Harmonizing a Scale
"Home Sweet Home" - Key of C Major - Using Double Stops
Harmonizing a Scale Using Triads
Rhythm Guitar - Creating Lines in the Bass
"Home on the Range" - Open-Chord Melody
"Blackberry Blossom" - Key of G Major - Using Hammer-Ons
"Blackberry Blossom" - Key of G Major - Using Pull-Offs

Level 6

Introduction to Crosspicking
Crosspicking - Forward Rolls
"This Land is Your Land" - Crosspicking - Forward Rolls
"The Storms Are on the Ocean" - Crosspicking - Forward Rolls
"Wildwood Flower" - Crosspicking - Forward Rolls
Crosspicking - Backward Rolls
Incorporating Crosspicking in Rhythm Fills
Crosspicking - Down, Down, Up
"This Land is Your Land" - Crosspicking - Down, Down, Up
"The Storms Are on the Ocean" - Crosspicking - Down, Down, Up
Tony Rice Rhythm Fill Sweeps
"Home Sweet Home" - Key of C Major - Crosspicking
Playing in Open D
"Whiskey Before Breakfast" in Open D
How to Learn the Note Names on the Neck
Barre Chords

Level 7

Triplet Methodology
Clarence White Blue Pull-Offs
"Red Haired Boy" - Key of A (Capo 2nd Fret) - Using Clarence White Blue Pull-Offs
"St. Annes Reel" - Key of D Major (Capo 2nd Fret)
"Liza Jane" - Key of A Major (Capo 2nd Fret)
"Home Sweet Home" - Key of C Major - Advanced Crosspicking
Hybrid Picking
The Pinky is the Strongest Finger

Level 8

"The 11th Reel" - Rhythm
"The 11th Reel" - Lead
"Flippen" - Rhythm
"Flippen" - Lead
"Fair to Partly Cloudy"

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